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We partner with several NGOs and initiatives across various states dedicated to the rehabilitation & generation of sustainable livelihoods for the differently-abled children & young adults. Through capacity building activities and vocational training they are empowered to create products of beauty and value such as paper bags, gift boxes, banana fibre products, stationary, lifestyle products and more.

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Udayonmukha is an intervention that rehabilitates women and men who were kept captive as bonded labours for several years together at factories, stone quarries and brick kilns. They are rescued and integrated back into their communities with counselling support and vocational training like tailoring and jewelry making.  Most of them currently stay in interior villages of Karnataka. They are supported with design support and product development to make beautiful products like cushion covers, tote bags, table runners, travel pouches and more. 


Shine On - A story of hope and will! In March 2022, a group of young adults, born to parents with HIV and who grew up in orphanages, came together with a powerful dream to create something unique and special, while being able to stand tall and strong on their own. Shine On makes a variety of fragrant and and decorative candles. When you buy a Shine On candle, you are not only buying a pretty artefact, but helping them Shine On!

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The Srishti Trust was established in 1991 to provide the children of the rural plantation community of Munnar, many of whom were born differently-abled with education, vocational training and self-help skills. They are trained with skills to make nature inspired botanical notebooks, batik Shibori fabrics, Warli handpainted bags, candles and more while ensuring a sustainable livelihood for themselves and their families.

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MESH is a Non Profit Fair Trade organization with a powerful vision to empower disabled and leprosy affected crafts artisans, for their rehabilitation. MESH over the last 40 years has worked on providing opportunities for disabled weavers, tailors, artisans  and women with skill development activities, market linkages and design support to create products like stuffed toys, Batik cushion covers, table cloths, runners, ecofriendly stationary and more.

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The Chetana Trust provides occupational training, economic and psycho-social support for people with disabilities.The individuals are trained to make beautiful banana fibre gift boxes, pens, notebooks, photoframes etc which helps them engage socially with others and participate economically from the work they do. 

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