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Some much - needed gifts of wellness

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

It’s a normal day, quite routine for you, and among your weekly mundane programs you notice those fingertips. They are the same ones that you are accustomed to maintaining quite regularly and keeping clean. The same ones that are your constant companion for every job you set out to do and are your point of contact for everything tangible. You notice the long extensions of the nails along with the chipped nail polish and dirt beginning to accumulate underneath the nails. That’s when the realization creeps in that you have missed out on your usual self-care routines, buried in the world that consumes you with deadlines and paperwork!

The self-care days, self-care routines are quite underrated. Ironically, the word “self” loses importance in all the hype. People fail to respect the space required, the anxieties that need to be met with proper attention, physical signs propping up, your body screaming for your attention and all it takes to fix it are baby steps! There are going to be days of struggle which cloud the mind and you might not prioritize hygiene or sleep as much as you should!

A word to the wise, I myself tend to be one of those people. I am no saint. It’s easy to type these words out; it's quite literally easier said than done. These are the overwhelming times that I absolutely yet secretly adore the showers of affection from my friends and family. I say secretly, because I tend to miss out on a few thank you’s here and there! Even in the simplest of forms, letting me know they are there for me, one call away, one message away, is enough to lighten my mood and take that step towards a better day for myself! At home, the go-to mood changer for me would be the scented candles(or the pretty lights) , a chocolate bar, and a movie night with my sister!

So here’s Ahavah Crafts for you baby step takers to pamper yourself with what appeals to you. Maybe all you need is a pretty and aromatic candle. These candles are scented with sweet smelling fragrant oils and made with natural clean burning soy wax, that are just the thing you need to re-energize your space! It could be the aesthetic that would calm your chaos and the light could be the change of perspective you need to think with a clear mind.

Maybe you need that well-deserved break, those once in a while long baths, with a natural handmade soap made in small batches with a lot of love with healing essential oils!

This is also an opportunity for those far away from loved ones and feel helpless at the sound of their plight. Yes, yes you! Click that button, purchase that hamper and have it delivered to your beloved! Ahavah Crafts has a section for wellness products that includes pure tea harvested in the Nilgiri Hills, authentic wild forest honey harvested by the Kattunayakan tribe from Gudalur, farm to bar dark chocolates and more. The rejuvenate hampers come with pretty packaging and a handwritten note. These would go a long way for that simple message of being there for someone, even if it is for yourself!

PS- I checked out Ahavah Craft's wellness page and the first thing that caught my attention was the almond roasted chocolate! It looks so appetizing, and I can't wait to have someone send it to me the next time my nails are too long!

PPS- Maybe I should send this piece to my sister, she’ll get the clue :)

- Written by Thrisha

(To read more of Thrisha's work, you may visit :

To shop Ahavah's wellness products click on the link below and get yourself some much needed rejuvenation :-)

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