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Gifting made meaningful

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

Gifting i.e sharing our love with another person, be it an individual or an organization or a Country, forms part of an integral part of our ancient culture. Handing out Gifts to our loved ones brings out the cheer and warmth that goes with the act and brings humans and organizations for which we represent, closer to each other and helps us understand each other better. The art of Gifting dates back to centuries immemorial. Even though gift giving is as old as humans, the way we view and take part in gift giving in the modern day only really began in the 19th century, when technological development and manufacturing enabled us to give a wider range of gifts efficiently and affordably. Today, gifting has become more advanced and personalized as well. While you might know your recipient would love a bottle of wine or a pack of flavored honey or a handmade journal, you can make your gift even more special for them by adding their name and a message. These gifts show that an extra layer of thought has gone into creating them and reminds the person of the efforts taken in commemorating their special occasion, making them feel very loved and cherished. Although it is important to promote the loving act of gifting, in the present world were materialism and self-oriented lifestyles has become the order of the day, we realized that there was an underlying need to create more meaningful gifts that will be deeply valued without feeding into the culture of consumerism. Ahavah Craftshelps solve this by carefully bringing to customers a range of gift items made by rural artisan communities, NGOs and marginalized producers coupled with affordable and eco-friendly packaging solutions. Ahavah Crafts with it’s gifting model, believes that communities can be uplifted from depths of poverty if they can be supported with design and market linkages for their indigenous artforms and traditional craft items. Ahavah Crafts recognizes that along with the products needing to be exclusive, artistic and aesthetic in nature, the process in which it is produced and packaged is also of primary importance. Ahavah Crafts strives to ensure fair working conditions for those involved in the process while also practicing eco-friendly principles to minimize undue waste generated without having to compromise on the presentation and styling of the Gifts. Choosing the right kind of gifts is an art, but the best gifts are the ones that come straight from the heart 😊 Happy Gifting! - Written by Abraham George

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