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What we do ?

Every product made by hand has a story and a soul behind it. Ahavah brings to you products that are an expression of a creator's deep love for his craft, tradition and nature. Ahavah brings to you not just a Gifting brand or an e-commerce platform

but a channel of hope for many artisan communities and women collectives for realizing their dream of a better livelihood and a future.


With all of India's rich and diverse micro-cultures, we hope to bring to you gifts and experiences that are a reflection of generational knowledge and skills handed down by forefathers with a hope to sustain. As a socially conscious business, we strive to follow fair trade principles in how we operate and practices that are ecofriendly in nature. We also set aside a portion of our proceeds to fund causes that are close to our hearts such as educating underprivileged children, skilling marginalized women and promoting traditional art forms.

So now that you know a little bit of Ahavah we hope that you will absolutely love shopping with us and join us in our journey in Gifting for impact! 


Our Story

Ahavah is a beautiful word that is derived from the Hebrew text that stands for "The Creator's Love". We are a small team of passionate individuals motivated to create social and economic opportunities for rural artisans, marginalized communities and women through product innovation and gifting solutions.

Meet The Team





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